Fall is in the Air

The sunshine was so warm and gorgeous when I brought the kiddos home from school Tuesday that we didn’t even make it into the house before scootering, chalking, and even completing our nightly reading requirement. Hubby returned from work and  we decided to enjoy a cocktail on the front porch while the kiddos covered the driveway (and themselves!) with chalk. After three sips I needed to return inside for a jacket. I only got another three sips in before dusk and the mosquitoes were upon us. Gone are the 9 pm sunsets and lazy days of summer. Fall is here!


Chocolate covered pumpkin pretzels! I used orange Wilton melting chips to dip pretzel twists, chocolate chips for the stem (attach while orange chocolate is still wet to get them to stick), and green Wilton melting chips (applied with a toothpick) for the vines. Yum!