The leaves on our neighborhood trees are changing colors right before our very eyes. Packer season, pumpkin spice lattes and open windows have arrived! Running outside is finally tolerable without overheating, and the kiddos have to once again listen to nagging reminders about taking a coat with them before they leave the house. Shorter nights, soup suppers and everything orange are soon to come!


Q: What did the jack-o-lantern say to the pumpkin? A: Cut it out!



I grew up living with a (sometimes) single mom and two sisters, and when my dad and stepmom’s family expanded they added two more girls to the family. Poor Alex was the odd man out! When it came time for hubby and me to expand our own little family, I was terrified of having a son. I was so used to living and growing up with girls that I was quite positive that I wouldn’t know what to do with a son if I had one. During my first pregnancy we were certain we were having a boy. Our ultrasound tech slipped “there he is” at our 20 week appointment, and how I carried the extra pregnancy pounds (and the Chinese pregnancy calendar!) were indicative of the fact that a little boy Newell was growing in my tummy. My stepmom even purchased boy’s attire for our baby shower. Upon delivery, James looked at new baby’s (ahem) parts, and yep, boy indeed. Imagine his surprise when Dr. G. declared “It’s a girl!”. Excuse us? Upon further inspection James realized that indeed it was a she Newell. Apparently it was not of utmost importance in birthing class to inform the parents of what living in fluid for nine months will do to certain parts of the anatomy. Enough said. I was elated. Of course a healthy child from God is always the goal, but deep, deep down my comfort level screamed “girl, please!”. Fast forward to pregnancy number two.  Complete opposite of the first one. I carried differently, my food cravings differed entirely, and of course the ever-so-reliable Chinese pregnancy calendar said “boy”. We were certain Newell #2 was male, and luckily I had a nephew so I could ask my sister about all those important boy questions I knew so little about, such as WHY do we circumcise these poor little peanuts? Arriving at the hospital with no time to spare (literally) before Newell #2 arrived, we were again shocked to hear the not Dr. G. (no time!) announce “It’s a girl!”. And you know what? I wouldn’t trade having two little ladies for anything. I hope I am still saying that when they’re 13 and 15, or 16 and 18, but for now, they’re perfect in every way. I am so proud to be their Mama, they are the inspiration behind Mama Sprinkles, and making meal time nutritious and fun for them is an honor and privilege. Thank God for little girls!


All you need to make this owl heart sandwich is bread, provolone cheese, blueberries, carrots, and sandwich spread of your choice. It was a hoot to make!