Candy Corn Remix

One can only eat so many pieces of candy corn before the sickeningly sweet, tongue-covering film inside the mouth requires the need for something, anything even remotely close to healthy. When the littles have OD’d on too much fall and Halloween goodness, here’s a snack that adds a little more fruit and a tad less sugar to their diet. Whipped cream optional, but oh so good!


Make this version of candy corn using mandarin oranges, pineapple slices and a dollop of whipped cream–in candy corn color sequential order, of course!


Love It Or Leave It

Candy corn, the fall version of those blessed marshmallow Peeps, can bring forth some strong emotional reactions. Whether it be the greatest fall snack to enter our homes or the  most disgusting, sugar-filled creation that ever came to be, it’s certainly a love it or hate it kind of treat. Luckily (or not, depending how you look at it!), this household loves to grab it by the fistful and nibble away until the bowl (candy corn-shaped, of course!) is empty. For you haters out there feeling that part of your autumn existence isn’t quite complete without having an affinity for the aforementioned artificial goodness, there’s no need to despair–you can enjoy the same yellow, orange and white goodness without dipping into the Brach’s bag! I introduce to you Candy Corn Jello– a fall treat for all to love!


To make this kinda candy corn, combine 2/3 C boiling water with 3 oz package lemon Jello. Pour into desired cup and chill until hardened. Repeat with 3 oz orange Jello, cooling first before pouring over lemon. Top with whipped cream and enjoy!

Mr. & Mrs.

This past weekend we celebrated the nuptials of my ‘lil bro and his beautiful wife Jolene. They have grown so much as a couple since their early going-out days, and it was wonderful reminiscing about what life was like during that stage in our lives. You know, the pre-kids, pre-soccer-mom-mini-van-driving-hoards-of-laundry-house-always-trashed-finger-foods-for-dinner-home-by-7 days. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change our daily chaos for anything, but it is nice to take a stroll down memory lane every now and again and be reminded of how few responsibilities we truly had ! The Diedrich/Prahl wedding was quite a party, and we have our invited kids to thank for the lack of hangovers and impromptu river dancing that did not commence as per usual. Best of luck to the happy couple, and best wishes for a long and happy marriage!


Rice Krispy treats all decked out for the Mr. & Mrs!


The leaves on our neighborhood trees are changing colors right before our very eyes. Packer season, pumpkin spice lattes and open windows have arrived! Running outside is finally tolerable without overheating, and the kiddos have to once again listen to nagging reminders about taking a coat with them before they leave the house. Shorter nights, soup suppers and everything orange are soon to come!


Q: What did the jack-o-lantern say to the pumpkin? A: Cut it out!

Fall is in the Air

The sunshine was so warm and gorgeous when I brought the kiddos home from school Tuesday that we didn’t even make it into the house before scootering, chalking, and even completing our nightly reading requirement. Hubby returned from work and  we decided to enjoy a cocktail on the front porch while the kiddos covered the driveway (and themselves!) with chalk. After three sips I needed to return inside for a jacket. I only got another three sips in before dusk and the mosquitoes were upon us. Gone are the 9 pm sunsets and lazy days of summer. Fall is here!


Chocolate covered pumpkin pretzels! I used orange Wilton melting chips to dip pretzel twists, chocolate chips for the stem (attach while orange chocolate is still wet to get them to stick), and green Wilton melting chips (applied with a toothpick) for the vines. Yum!

Back to School

Need a snack to excite the littles before they realize their next 180 school days will be filled with homework and early bedtimes? My kiddos love the back to school anticipation. Seeing their friends daily, restarting their favorite school year extracurriculars and of course new back to school duds makes the onset of another school year not so scary. It’s amazing how different summer mode versus school year mode can be, and thank goodness for fun snacks to make the huge transition just a little bit sweeter. Happy new school year, kiddos!


To make these back to school pencil snacks I used (Wisconsin, of course) cheddar snack sticks, raisin bits, Bugles, and good ‘ol Johnsonville summer sausage for the erasers. Local and delicious! 🙂



Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Our spunky spirited sweet Sophie is four! And like most other four-year-olds we know, she is completely enamored with the movie Frozen. Yes, hubby and I are that couple who enthusiastically lip sync Love is an Open Door at the top of our lungs on every car ride, with Sophie screeching “Mom and Dad, stop singing! I can’t hear Anna and Hans’ voices!”. Sophie has asked for her name to be permanently changed to Elsa, has donned a coronation cape for months, and is this close to believing she may actually have ice powers. It could be worse. The Wiggles anyone?