Summer Bucket List

One of our favorite ways to kick off the start of a much-anticipated summer is to make a summer bucket list. I swear each summer our list of ideas increases by ten! Pretty soon we’re going to need an entire wall to fit everything we want to squeeze into our way-too-short Wisconsin summers! This list is a great motivator for getting out of our pjs and experiencing all our amazing (and did I mention short?) summers have to offer. A winter bucket list will be mandatory to keep this family from hibernating until spring. Oh, so tempting!


Photo taken before the end of summer. We proudly crossed off a few more squares before the start of school!


Back to School

Need a snack to excite the littles before they realize their next 180 school days will be filled with homework and early bedtimes? My kiddos love the back to school anticipation. Seeing their friends daily, restarting their favorite school year extracurriculars and of course new back to school duds makes the onset of another school year not so scary. It’s amazing how different summer mode versus school year mode can be, and thank goodness for fun snacks to make the huge transition just a little bit sweeter. Happy new school year, kiddos!


To make these back to school pencil snacks I used (Wisconsin, of course) cheddar snack sticks, raisin bits, Bugles, and good ‘ol Johnsonville summer sausage for the erasers. Local and delicious! 🙂



Whoooo Wants Popcorn?

We go through popcorn in this house like you wouldn’t believe. Friday family movie night? Bring on the popcorn. Daily school snack? Yep, popcorn. Mom’s got the munchies at 11 pm while watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns and uses all possible willpower to avoid the tantalizing package of Oreos in the pantry? Thank goodness for popcorn. Whether a home snack, school snack, car snack, or feed-a-troop-of-hungry-Girl-Scouts snack, popcorn is our go to, number one munchie. Now whoooooo can argue with that? Corny, I know!


Summer Bucket List

Due to end of school year craziness this MamaSprinkles hasn’t been whipping up any tasty creations lately, but I am looking forward to getting back to the grind soon! In the meantime, check out our summer bucket list! I wanted our little family to have a very laid back summer, but not so laid back that we never left the house or took advantage of the (finally!) nice weather and our time together. I also didn’t want to break the bank or put fifty thousand more miles on our vehicle, so I tried to think of creative and affordable activities that accommodated our wouldn’t-change-it-for-anything-in-the-world single income. The girlies brainstormed with us and were eagerly ready to tackle the entire list on summer day one! I sure hope our Wisconsin summer lasts as long as our list does! Not quite ready for that winter bucket list yet…

A big shout out to one of my besties, Karen, for the original idea and inspiration! She is a MamaExtraordinaire! 


Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Our spunky spirited sweet Sophie is four! And like most other four-year-olds we know, she is completely enamored with the movie Frozen. Yes, hubby and I are that couple who enthusiastically lip sync Love is an Open Door at the top of our lungs on every car ride, with Sophie screeching “Mom and Dad, stop singing! I can’t hear Anna and Hans’ voices!”. Sophie has asked for her name to be permanently changed to Elsa, has donned a coronation cape for months, and is this close to believing she may actually have ice powers. It could be worse. The Wiggles anyone?



Mouse Trap!

I dedicate this post to my friends and former colleagues who are enjoying a little extra company besides their students at school these days! I couldn’t help but giggle when I heard the tale (no pun intended!) of one teacher opening her teaching supply closet to find little beady eyes peering up at her. Of course this uninvited company is much more humorous to me when I’m not sharing my classroom space with them; although I am not the type to jump up on a chair screeching “EEEEEEEEK!” at the top of my lungs, I certainly much prefer mice in children’s stories than in my living or working space. I know, Summit can become the new middle school cat liaison! Genius idea! I better start working on his adoption paperwork now. Meow!


These INVITED mice include organic strawberry bodies, pumpkin seed ears, chocolate jimmies for the eyes, a gluten-free mini chocolate chip nose, and string cheese tail and cheese block. Eek!



I recently discovered that I am allergic to green beans (really!), corn, and eggs. Green beans? Once upon a time they were my favorite vegetable, but I can live without them. Corn? Um, it’s in everything processed, but seeing that we are supposed to be eating unprocessed foods, I can deal with that, too. Eggs? REALLY?! That’s the one that stung. A Paleo diet is not too shabby considering all the egg-based meal options out there. Frittatas, muffins, quiches, casseroles…well, I would sound like Bubba Gump if I continued. Take the eggs away, and I am left with meat (local, organic and grass fed, mind you), and vegetables (organic and local as well). Fruits and nuts are kosher too, but in moderation. Hmmmm. Can I eat anything?!!! Do I abide by this diet, you ask? Well, if I want to feel good, yep. It’s touch and go! When I eat non-allergy Paleo foods, I feel amazing. I have oodles of energy, my body feels great, and my appetite is satisfied. (I’d just like to add that red wine and dark chocolate are generally Paleo accepted, and I am not allergic to those–YAHOO!). It’s become quite a fun game of willpower. Ooooh, cold beer on a hot summer day? Sure! But the next day I will be achy, tired, annoyingly congested, and have a headache or migraine. Birthday brownies? You betcha! But the next day I will be achy, tired, annoyingly congested, and have a headache or migraine. Jimmy John’s BLT sub? Absolutely! But the next day I will be achy, tired, annoyingly congested, and have a headache or migraine. You get the idea. The more I feel like crap, the less I want to eat the crap that makes me feel like crap, making it much more easy peasy to follow the diet I’m supposed to. Sort of reminds me of being stunned by a taser every time I ate something bad for me! Lucky for me, my family does not have food allergies. Lucky for Mama Sprinkles (and Sophie!), too!


                                    Paleo-approved (but not Sarah-approved) egg flower snack!