A Ghost For All Your Boo-Boos

Putting Mama Sprinkles (fun food) and Addison Grace Designs (all things crocheting and sewing) in a room together is quite a hoot–case in point, the day these ghosts were made. While visiting Ms. Addison Grace Designs (aka my sister), I decided to whip up these fun treats. Mind you, I was visiting her at her home. While I embarked on my kitchen-destroying project, she decided she was going to make gymnastics hair bows for her daughter’s entire gymnastics team at her kitchen table. Between rice crispy madness and ribbon galore, we were quite the sight, flying around the room trying to complete our tasks and have time to go out for lunch and have time to Pinterest future projects and have time to pick up our littles from school on time. I am grateful my sister shares my ADHD madness creativity…so many projects and ideas floating around in those heads of ours, and so little time to bring them all to fruition! At least there was a little method to our madness this time, as both projects turned out boo-tiful! 



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